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Comments for Tsunami activity near Mauritius

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Sep 19, 2017

by: Jeff

Hi Eric,
Even though there are large submerged ocean banks (i.e. Cargados Carajos Shoals, Saya de Malha and the Seychelles banks) to the north-east of Mauritius that did dissipate the tsunami's energy, it's not the sole reason why Mauritius seemed to "escape" the damaging effects of this tsunami.

There are a number of other reasons as well. Firstly, as previously mentioned, the main energy from the Sumatra tsunami was not directed towards Mauritius. Secondly, the waves arrived at low tide and thirdly, the epicentre was in excess of 6000 km.

Apr 17, 2017
Not Lucky
by: Eric

John, you state that "Mauritius was lucky this time" yet this is no the case. the fact that Mauritius has never suffered from a devastating Harbour Wave is because there is a massive under-sea mountain range that will, or that does, absorb any energy traveling towards Mauritius. This is why places like Kenya, Somalia etc certainly felt the effects yet Mauritius seemed to "escape".

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