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Weather in mauritius in march on east coast 2012

by anderson


i have just booked to go to veranda palmer beach ,belle mare mid march and i am now very concerned that i should have booked to go on the west coast due to the would you desribe the weather there at that time because i don't want to go if its likely to rain for days.


Dear Anderson,
Even though it's preferable to book accommodation on the west coast during March due to the occasional inclement weather on the east coast, it doesn't mean that it will rain for days on the eastern side of Mauritius.

Generally, the wet weather in Mauritius on the eastern side lasts up to 3-4 hours. The rest of the time, it's normally rain free. The only time you'll see rain for days is when there's a low pressure system such as a mid-level trough that interacts with a surface low, or there's tropical depression or tropical cyclone in the vicinity of Mauritius.

The Mauritius Meteorological Service is predicting that surface temperatures are expected to be above normal throughout the time you're there and so while the rain may appear to be a nuisance, you may find that the rain is a welcome relief from the excessive heat at that time of the year.

Additionally, don't worry about the rain (unless it's a tropical depression/cyclone) as it's still very warm when it's raining in Mauritius.

I would prefer to be on the east coast in March 2012, since the higher daytime temperatures early this year may make the west coast feel stifling hot at times.

Anderson's response:

thank you for your answer to my concerns about the weather in march although I didn't really understand the professional way in which you explained it, so are you predicting a lot of rain in march on the east coast or just occassional showers?

Jeff's response:

Dear Anderson,

Sorry to confuse you. What I'm saying is that it's impossible to predict the weather a few weeks in advance with 100% accuracy.

At this stage, you're more than likely to experience better weather conditions in March 2012 on the east coast than the west coast. When I say better, I mean that the temperatures will be bearable on the east coast but very hot and some times (almost unbearable) on the western side of Mauritius on some of those days. The western side of Mauritius won't have the frequent cooling sea-breezes that the eastern side has.

It seems you're very concerned about the rain. To be honest, I really wouldn't be concerned by this as most of the rain only lasts in short heavy bursts and is associated with thunderstorms. So you may get up to 3 hours of rain and then the rest of the day is fine. Be assured that you'll see ample sunshine.

My only concern is that March is still within the tropical cyclone season and when such a system affects Mauritius, it brings torrential rain and gale force winds. It's very difficult to predict if, when and where a tropical cyclone will hit and so it's really your choice to travel to Mauritius during this time.

Just be alert to the fact that there's a moderate chance that there will be a tropical cyclone forming north of Mauritius sometime in March 2012.

Would I be willing to travel to Mauritius in March 2012? Probably yes, only if I had air conditioning at night. The rain associated with the thunderstorms provide temporary relief from the heat and would be most welcome.

Anderson's response:

Thank you very much for your quick reply that was a lot more understandig to me,will go and enjoy the sunshine and hope not to see a cyclone.

kind regards

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